Good Management

Good Management

Management is an important aspect of creating successful children’s edutainment facilities because their success depends on human factors much more than the mechanical factors of a traditional arcade or amusement park.

Staff members, whom we call edutainers, need to be trained in child development and how to interact with both children and parents. “Customer service” for example is completely different for children, as their culture is quite different from that of adult culture.

Children’s edutainment is also a values-driven concept, especially for children’s edutainment centers. The entire management and marketing of the center needs to be values-driven in order to connect with both parents and the community to win their support and continuing patronage. Those values must be connected to the values of parents. Most parents are very protective of their children, and they pay attention to things like security, safety, sanitation and cleanliness. Gaining the trust of parents means showing them that management cares about their children’s well-being, just like they do.

Children’s edutainment is more complicated to design and execute than other types of entertainment, but that also creates one of its other advantages, a higher barrier to entry and competition. Perhaps one of our biggest advantages as a company is our very high degree of experience and know-how in this industry.

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