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Who we are: We are what we do

We work with purpose
. Several ideals ignite our passions and keep us focused on what matters. These core values are the building blocks of who we are and what we stand for. They give us purpose. We would like to share them with you.

Design excellence:

We try to create environments where kids and adults live safe and happy. We work collaboratively with our clients and customers, engaging, listening, questioning, until together we reach exactly what is desired and more.

We look at all our projects holistically, because we know that the bottom line and great design are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps that’s the reason our projects delight the people who use them and perform as well long-term as they do on opening day.


We work to implement this design excellence by creating different size children’s parks. Part of the secret of creating successful children’s edutainment (Education+ Entertainment) is in the design of the events and the environment. Children’s edutainment differs from other types of entertainment in that they are almost all totally custom-designed.

It is not like picking up a catalog and ordering equipment. Unlike a ride that you can add to a space, the design of the space is as critical to the success of edutainment as the content is.

Edutainment needs to be designed from an understanding of child development and approached “through the eyes of the child,” with sensitivity to a child’s scale and how they see, interpret and use space and objects. Since much of children’s play takes place in their minds through imagination, you need to create the right space (the stage) and supply the right objects (the props) to support their play (act out their scripts).

Since children’s physical size, skills and play changes as they develop, the edutainment must offer a continuum of challenge, so there is a match between their capabilities and the play opportunities.If there is a mismatch with what children have the interest and ability to do, they will be bored.The design of the space or environment will actually shape children’s behavior. Children read environments differently than adults. To them it is not background, but rather something to interact with.

Design a long, straight hallway and children will instinctively run down it. They are not misbehaving. They are doing exactly what the environment “told” them to do. In this effect, the design of the environment in which they play hugely impacts everything they do, and this is the power of ‘Correct (Fitted) Design’.

Another challenge of children’s edutainment is duality of design. The play areas need to be designed to work for children, while at the same time the facility also has to appeal to parents. Children’s idea of beauty is informal and wild; parents prefer formal and ordered.

Children need a sense of enclosure while parents need to be able to see and monitor their children without having to interfere with their children’s play. It takes creative design solutions to meet the preferences of both. Knowledge acquired through research enables us to design our parks accordingly, which ties us to our second core value:

Research and Technology:

Our research is inspired by our practice. Our practice is informed by our research. We constantly evolve because every project teaches us new things, derives us to new ways and perspectives.


We believe research holds the key to greater projects. We do research in every aspect of our work from Design work to Construction to Operations Management. We are obsessed with finding what works better. The world is constantly evolving and so must our projects, from start to completion.


Our job is to assess our clients’ goals and find innovate ways to achieve them. We are serious about technology. We write our own programs whether it is to keep our children safe in our parks with our own RFID tracking programs or whether it is through our Apps that allow our Parks to become a `take home` experience. This is what we call convergence, extending the real world out-of-home experience both in time and place into the virtual world, just another direction for enhancing the appeal of our parks.

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