Amburan Kids

The 2.470 m2 Amburan Kids is located inside Amburan Mall, a 40-minute drive from Baku Azerbaijan. This kid’s area of the strip mall offers 6 different playing Areas. The first section is called Bono Bourg and is a 3-level rope park. The climbing walls, trampolines, zip line and difficult parkours offer exciting times for sporty kids over the age of 7.

The second area, Motor City is specially designed car driving city for children between 2-8 years of age. Here kids choose their cars and start to drive in the motorway. The driving experience becomes more exciting when the kids stop to buy gas or get a car wash. If they go over the speed limit they will get pulled over by the police and must obey the traffic signs of the city.

The 4’th area, Builder City is a game venue for kids between 3-12 years of age who love construction, building blocks and trucks. Crane construction tools, loaders and wheelbarrows permit children to build a large home using colorful giant blocks giving them a first look at the world of building.

The 5’th section, Sweet City is the soft play area designated for Toddlers. With a Carousel, colorful houses, slides and an entire room of inflatable fun, parents can join their kids and help them develop their mental and motor skills.

The 6’th area, ANVIO VR, offers a virtual reality game section. VR games is a video game played on virtual reality (VR) hardware. Most VR games are based on player immersion, typically through head-mounted display unit or headset with stereoscopic displays and one or more controllers. At ANVIO, kids 15 year of age or older can experience anything from killing zombies to climbing up mountains and shooting enemies with bow and arrows..